Kids in the Kitchen

Kids are naturally curious and adventurous. Those are excellent qualities to have in top-rate kitchen helpers. But don't stop there. Get them involved with all aspects of food selection and preparation and you'll set them up to be great cooks now and in the future.

Weeknight Shorts: Sticky Delicious

When you can toss together a dinner in about a half hour and make it healthy, delicious, and easy, you are bound to put it into your regular dinner rotation. When you can do all of that, cater to some allergy concerns, and prep some of it in advance, it gets emergency fancy weeknight dinner status!


Soup is the cure for what ails you, especially if it's just being darned tired after a long day of hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Find an exception to the no soup in warm weather rule with a hearty chowder that's made to replenish you while making you feel pampered.

Bread Alone

Sometimes, I really think I could live on bread alone, as long as it's focaccia! If you think that fresh, homemade focaccia is too much work, you haven't turned to your bread machine for help! Get a tried and true method and break out your finest olive oil and grated cheese. It's dinner time!

Flavor Mates

Some flavor combinations are just meant to be: chocolate and peanut butter, hot pepper and lime, and ginger and orange. The last one is showcased in an elegant bundt cake that's company-ready.


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