Let's Get Popping!

If you like Jalapeño Poppers as an appetizer, consider trying the same blend of flavors on pasta. You won't be disappointed! A delicious, creamy cheese sauce gets kicked up a notch with the addition of sautéed fresh jalapeños and even some jalapeño powder, for the hot heads among us.

The Taste of Fall

Caramel apples are an autumn treat. Get all of the flavor without the mess when you put together your own peanut butter caramel dip for slices of apples. It comes together in minutes and is equally at home as an afternoon or on your fall party table.

Cradling the Eggs

Avocados are simply delicious. Eggs, also, are simply delicious. But when you put them together and give them some time in a hot oven, they become the foundation for a delicious breakfast or brunch dish that will have you drooling.

Double-Duty Foods: Beauty and Better Health in the Same Bite

When Momma said, "You are what you eat," she was right on target. You can actually plan your diet for beauty and better health. Before you turn up your nose, you should know that this miracle diet isn't one of flavorless deprivation. You may already be eating some of the foods that are naturally engineered to keep you looking and feeling great.

More Cookies?

"Oh no, I couldn't possibly have another delicious cookie." How often do you hear that? Yeah, cookies are amazing and I'm here to share another great recipe for a family-approved chocolate M&M cookie that your kids can help you make. Cookies: bringing families together.


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