Simplifying Dinner

Appliances like crockpots and slow cookers make getting dinner on the table easy. Simplify things even further with a great recipe that minimizes cleanup and allows you to create a lovely crust on baked chicken. You'll be putting this one on your go-to recipe list!

Krispy Treats Grow Up

Next time it's time to make the tried and true krispy treats, pause and consider a rendition that's beautiful to look at and tastes even better. No need to worry! Just because they've grown up, it doesn't mean your kids won't still love them.

Getting Saucy!

Give meatballs a fun twist with a tangy ginger sauce brimming with flavor. This easy dish uses your crockpot and your favorite jarred sauces to make a great appetizer or main dish for your entertaining needs. Easy to make gluten free, too!

When Life Hands You Lemonade ...

A quick stir-fry gets a lemony kick with, you guessed it: lemonade! Packed with lots of family favorites, this one's a great mid-week meal that will have everyone, including the kids, giving you the thumbs-up!

Veggie Addiction

When parents tell me they can't get their sweet little darlings to eat their veggies, I share one of my recent most-requested recipes by the six-year-old. Surprise! It's a dish entirely comprised of vegetables bathed in a great seasoned oil mixture and roasted. Sometimes simple really gets the job done.


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