Miso Meets Meat

When a soybean organization asks chefs for their favorite miso recipes featuring meat, poultry, and seafood, the results are delicious. Get the two first prize winning recipes and you'll agree that when miso meets meat, beautiful things happen!

No Tricks, Just Treats

On April Fool's Day, be on the lookout for extra tricks and jokes. But we've got your back with a recipe that's got a little of everything to get you through a tricky day. Packed with everything from sausage to lentils to spinach, this soup will have you going back for second helpings!

Freezing Time

I love an elegant brunch, but sometimes it seems like I need at least eight hands in order to get everything together in order. What would you say if I told you there are some fantastic tricks out there for making it all fall together like magic?

Dippy Day

When I'm feeling a bit lazy when dinner time rolls around, I toss together a fun dip. Then I turn to thick corn chips, vegetables, or — in this case — my favorite focaccia for enjoying a delicious meal that lets me embrace my inner kid.

Slow Bourbon

Enjoyable as a nightcap or in your favorite cocktail, bourbon can also bring its smoothness to your dinner table. Get a great recipe for Sweet Bourbon Pork that boasts a complex sauce in an easy vessel: your slow cooker!


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