Coffee Break

Why should a coffee break just involve an afternoon cup of coffee? I'm taking the practice to task and suggesting the addition of mocha cupcakes with vanilla latte buttercream frosting. Now there's a reason to have a cup of coffee!

The Baking Bot

Fun to watch (as long as it's sped up) and interesting to think about, the New York Times shares video and information about a cookie-baking robot put together by the folks at MIT. Glad to know they love cookies, too!

Delicious Ways to Enjoy Peaches in Salad, Punch, and Bread

Get great recipe ideas for using peaches while they are at the height of their season. Everything from salad to beverages to decadent sweets are in store for you in this timely tribute to the humble peach.

BLTs ... But Better

A hankering gets a nudge from inspiration and, before I knew it, a new sandwich was born. BLTs might never be the same! Then again, check out this recipe -- it's definitely a new favorite of mine.

Indian Style Grilling: The Mysteries of Tandoori Chicken

What exactly is "Indian style grilling"? Is there any fundamental difference between the ways Indians and Americans grill their meat? The answer will take us on a journey halfway around the world as we explore the art of grilling with a tandoor and the fantastic food that results.


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