Scrumptious Leftovers

Are leftovers in your house a chore to eat? Or do you and your family look forward to them and enjoy quick, creative meals made from meals you've had before? Sometimes, it's just a matter of getting some inspiration about how to use them, so that's what we're doing today!

The Gift of Ham

The generosity of family doesn't go unappreciated as holiday hams bring about elegant dinners, simple breakfasts, and hearty chowder. This time of the year, chowder is particularly well-received, even though we're not covered in snow … yet.

Eat Your New Year's Resolution

Topping the list of items for New Year's Resolutions appears to be losing weight, hands down. We all want to be slimmer so that when summer rolls around, we're not rolling around. Being satisfied when you are finished with your meals helps tremendously. To that end, get some insight into foods that experts claim will help you keep your New Year's Resolution, dissolve your muffin waist, reduce your love handles and flatten your belly.

Festive Breakfast: Part Nine

Ending the year with breakfast seems fitting. Most important meal of the day and the start to something new and all that. Moreover, the quiche recipe being shared is all about using leftover Christmas ham, so it's delicious, easy and frugal. Happy New Year, everyone!

New Year's Eve Can Be Fun Even When Times Are Bad

The fancy dinners out, gala extravaganzas, elegant dinner parties, theater dates may be out of your range this year. If you've been laid off or your house is being threatened with foreclosure, even a festive home party may seem impossible. But don't make that big mistake, because it is in just times such as these that we need our friends the most.


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