Making the Season Bright

Strong flavors like lemon and ginger are natural companions when it comes to preserves like marmalade. What's more, a simple marmalade is actually quite easy to make when you have some summer squash on hand to act as a foundation.

Eat Like an Ancient Roman for a Healthier Lunch

If the holidays have you wanting to shed a few pounds or just eat healthier, take a clue from the diets of the Ancient Romans and look to menu rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, beans, herbs, and spices. Sounds like my kind of lunch!

Eat Your Eggnog!

Embrace the fading festivity of the recent holidays by using that last bit of eggnog in an entirely festive, decadent dessert. A little planning ahead will have you enjoying rich, creamy creme brûlée infused with the flavor of our waning holiday season.

Simple Soup

With all kinds of delightful, yet fussy food finding its way in front of us during the holidays, there's something lovely about a bowl of smooth, satisfying soup. This version features the flavors of Thailand blended with butternut squash and creamy coconut milk.

Quick Comfort

In the lull between Christmas and New Year's, I like to make amazing comfort food inspired by the wideness and wonder of the world. So on a cold winter's night, it only seems fitting to make a chicken mole chili in the pressure cooker.


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